Honour the small things

In a world ever more tainted by pollution and compromised natural resources, Ireland is a country of profound and pristine beauty filled with a rich abundance of historical health enhancing rituals and ingredients.

As human beings, we are in constant search of products and supplements to help improve our sense of well-being, health and comfort. This is in direct contrast to the increasingly complex and stressful lifestyles we pursue, which, in turn, compromise our very health and equilibrium.

Hibernicis was created to help us pause, replenish and honour the small things.

Natural & Naturally Derived

Hibernicis, created in Ireland, uses natural resources including seaweed, from surrounding Atlantic coasts.

Honouring Ancient Traditions

In the ancient Celtic world, water was the source of life and health. Celts bathed in sacred rivers and offered gifts to the springs and rivers.

In ancient Irish medical tracts, it is found that bathing was frequently prescribed for healing.

Layers of language

Travel across Ireland and you will come across pillars of stone with lines etched along their edges. Each row of notches is part of an ancient system of runes known as Ogham. At Hibernicis, we honour and celebrate Ireland's cultural and linguisitic heritage. Our brand is also written in Ogham on the front of each product and is given a Gaelic name, complete with its translation and approximate pronounciation.

Our Ingredients

We are committed to searching for the latest scientific solutions to improve our formulations with the safest and most effective ingredients. We will continually move towards the inclusion of the most natural ingredients possible. Hibernicis currently contains a minimum of 95% natural and naturally derived ingredients.

Where possible, we use natural ingredients. Where this is not possible, we turn to naturally derived ingredients which are natural ingredients that are modified to improve performance. Finally, if there is no alternative, we turn to synthetic ingredients, all of which are effective, safe and approved by the governing bodies globally.