Sólas 沐浴油成分

葡萄(葡萄)籽油, 向日葵(向日葵)籽油, 荷荷巴油(荷荷巴油), PERSEA GRATISSIMA(鱷梨)油, 檸檬烯, PEG-60 杏仁甘油酯, 角鯊烷, 泡葉藻提取物, 浮游生物提取物, CRITHMUM MARITIMUM 提取物, 墨角藻提取物, 昆布提取物, 海帶提取物, 沙棘果提取物, 迷迭香(迷迭香)葉提取物, 柑橘佛手柑(佛手柑)果油, 薰衣草(薰衣草)油, 柑橘(橘子)果皮油, 檀香(檀香)木油, CANANGA ODORATA (YLANG YLANG) 花油, 生育酚, 抗壞血酸棕櫚酸酯, BHT, 金合歡醇, 芳樟醇

天然 98.98%
天然和天然衍生 99.98%

Hong Kong

Our Flagship Store

Located at the corner of the iconic Hollywood Road and Aberdeen Street, where the commercial meets the creative, our Hibernicis flagship store stands proud as a unique destination for exquisite and effective bodycare inspired by Ireland.

81A Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Asaya at The Rosewood

We're proud to be stocked at the award-winning Asaya at the Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong. Find us on the 6th floor of this stunning building where the expert Asaya team will guide you through our range.

6F, 18 Salisbury Road Rosewood, Victoria Dockside, Hong Kong

A sensory experience

Whether at our flagship store or the Asaya, creating a sensory experience for our community is essential. Teams at both locations will guide you first hand through our range encouraging you to smell and feel your selected products against the skin. They will be delighted to answer any questions you have and tailor their advice to your skin's specific needs.