At Hibernicis two simple words guide our approach to exfoliation: apply dry.

Without wanting to point out the obvious, exfoliators are generally more effective on your skin than chasing it down the drain. To that end, we advise anyone reaching for our exfoliator to do so before stepping into the shower or bath. 

Simply follow our 3 step routine for effective exfoliation below and you won't look back.

Step 1

Apply to dry skin

It seems so simple but exfoliating before stepping into the shower or bath is the key. Apply on dry skin in circular motions. Pay particular attention to places of need. Dampen hands if required.

Step 2


By starting at the feet and working up you are working towards the heart which helps in circulation. A handy tip, when working on your torso, apply to your back first and take the opportunity to stretch your arms and loosen your shoulder blades. It also takes the hard part out first.

To extend the massage process, add a little water to your hands and continue.

Step 3


When ready, simply bathe or rinse, to reveal instantly smoother and softer skin.

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